Finding Out

I’m sitting here writing my very first entry and I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant. Suddenly, the first trimester feels like ages ago. I meant to start writing about my pregnancy much earlier, but a lot has been going on since June and I couldn’t take some time out to write about it, I seriously can’t believe how quickly time’s flying by!

On June 13, 2014, Been and I found out some very exciting news, we are going to be parents! We’ve been waiting for this day and we could not have been happier when we saw those two little lines.

My period was due on June 10th, when it did not arrive I was tempted to test. In the past I tested too early only to be disappointed when my period arrived a day or two late. This time we decided not to test until it was one week past due. So on June 13th when it was 3 days late still no sign, I was getting restless. I told Been I can’t wait anymore and headed out to the drug store to pick up a pregnancy test. I got back and tested. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the two lines. Been couldn’t believe it either. I was getting late for work so we decided to test again when I got back. I could not stop myself and tested again as soon as I got to work and sure enough I was pregnant.

I immediately called up my doctor to setup an appointment. My first doctor’s appointment is on June 19th. Been and I decided to leave work early and go on a lunch date to celebrate. At lunch we were wondering how many weeks pregnant was I so after lunch we picked up another pregnancy test with weeks estimator. When I tested later that night it said I was 2-3 weeks pregnant.

Workouts – Week 22

06/02/14 Monday – I did Battle Fit this morning. It was leg day today. It involved a lot of squats and lunges.

06/03/14 Tuesday – I did Battle Fit this morning and it was full body workout today. I have been trying to convince Been to go to Battle Fit with me for a while now. He said that instead of going to battle Fit he will start running with me everyday after Battle Fit. So today when I got back from Battle Fit he was waiting for me and we went for a run. We only ran a mile. It was his first time running so we wanted to take it slow.

06/04/14 Wednesday – I did Battle Fit this morning. I could not get in another workout today.

06/05/14 Thursday – I did Battle Fit this morning. Later in the evening I did a 30 minute Insanity class.

06/06/14 Friday – I did Battle Fit this morning and it was full body workout today. Later in the evening I did a 50 minute Piyo class. Piyo is a blend of Pilates and Yoga.

06/07/14 Saturday – I did not workout today.

06/08/14 Sunday – I did not workout today.

Workouts – Week 18 to 21

I set out to lose 5 pounds in May but, I ended up losing none. Its frustrating to know that I have not lost a pound in a month. Its been tough. I don’t want to make any excuse I know I did not lose the weight because I haven’t been working out as much as I need to.

Week 18 – I had to take a break from my workouts this week as I had injured my IT band during my half marathon. I had extreme pain and it was getting very difficult to work out. So I decide to take a week off and focus on recovery. I was told that an IT band injury takes a lot of time to recover. It took a lot of stretching but, I recovered fast. By the end of the week I was ready to get back to my workouts.

Week 19 – I did Battle Fit in the morning Monday through Thursday. I did not workout Friday through Sunday.

Week 20 – I did Battle Fit in the morning Monday through Friday. I did not workout on Saturday & Sunday.

Week 21 – I did Battle Fit in the morning Monday through Friday. I did not workout on Saturday. On Sunday I did a 30 minute insanity class.

My goal for the month of June is to workout a minimum of 45 minutes everyday. I know once I start working out more the weight will automatically come off. Its going to tough with my busy schedule but I want to get back to working out as much as I can.

Frederick Half Marathon

I ran the Frederick Half Marathon on Sunday, May 4th. This was only my second half marathon. The first one was 3 years ago. I was more confident this time around. Though I haven’t been running much this year, I am at a much better fitness level than I was 3 years ago. My trainer Jeremy and workout partner Melissa were also doing the race. We decided to meet up at the race around 6:15. The race was supposed to start at 7:00. Jeremy and Melissa ran this race last year and Jeremy set his PR at this race and was planning to beat his PR. Melissa and I planned on running together and hoped to finish in 2 hours 20 minutes. I completed my first half marathon in 2:54:04 that meant I was hoping to cut out almost 35 minutes from my finish time.

My husband Been was driving me to the race. We were running late and could not leave at the time we planned on. If we had left on time everything would have been fine. Instead we hit traffic. I was starting to panic as we sat in traffic, but we moved closer to the race start and I told Been he can go park and I hopped out of the car and ran. I was trying to find Jeremy and Melissa but could not locate them. It was already 6:45 I knew I could not waste any more time looking for them. I went to the start line to look for the pacers. I wanted to run with the 2:20 pacers. I found them and stood in line right behind them.


The race started on time. I started running with the pacers. They were amazing. They were talking to us, asking questions and were very encouraging. I was so glad I decided to run with them. The race started on a slight downhill, so it was easy to run way too fast. Staying with pacers helped me remind myself not to go too fast too early. I was running at a comfortable pace. The course of this race goes through downtown Frederick. Around mile 3 there was a spot where your supporters could come see you run. When I reached there I saw Been waiting there for me. I was so happy to see him. I love it when he comes out to support me on my races. Up until mile 5 I was comfortable running with the pacers. Around mile 5 I realized I could not keep up with them anymore. I was struggling. I fell behind but, I was not too far I could still see them and they were only a few feet away.


Somewhere between mile 5 and mile 6, I found Melissa and we started running together. We were running together and encouraging each other. We were pushing each other and it definitely helped and before we realized mile 10 came around. When I crossed the 10 mile mark I realized that I beat my 10 Miler time, the one that I ran on March 30th. I was happy with that. A little after crossing the 10 mile mark I started having issues with my hip and IT band. I could not keep up with Melissa anymore. She wanted to slow down for me but I told her she should go and that I will be fine and will catch up with her soon. I did not want to slow her down. She continued to run and I had to stop and walk for a few minutes. At this point I knew it was going to be very difficult to catch up with Melissa. I hoping the pain would go away. I was walking a little running a little and this continued till mile 12. At mile 12 the dreadful uphill started. Yes, the last mile of this race is uphill. I was really struggling at this point. I had to stop and stretch my IT band. After a little stretching I started running again. I knew I was not going to finish in 2:20 and was a little disappointed, I was mad at myself for not training enough. The pain wasn’t helping either. I knew I could not let this get to me, so I decided to suck it up and push through the pain and do the best I could with all the pain. At mile 13 I saw Jeremy, he was waiting there to cheer me. I crossed the finish line at 2:34:06. Though I did not finish in the time I aimed for, I still took off 20 minutes from my finish time. I did not want to beat myself up for not finishing in my target time. I was happy for what I had just accomplished.


Workouts – Week 13 to 17

April has been a crazy month. A lot of things have been going on with my health because of which I did not workout much and that’s the reason I did not post my weekly workouts here. I have been on an emotional roller coaster. I will write more about it when I am ready. Right now I am not ready to talk about it.

I have not been working out like I used to but, I make it a point to workout a minimum of 30 minutes every day. Here’s what I have been doing

Monday through Thursday – Battle Fit for 30 minutes.

Friday – Battle Fit in the morning and a 30 minute insanity class at night.

Saturday – A 30 minute Insanity class followed by an hour of TRX.

Sunday – A 30 minute Insanity class followed by a 3 to 5 mile run.

I also did two races a 5.7k on 04/05/14 and half marathon on 05/04/14. I am going to tell you all about my half marathon in another detailed post.

I only lost 2.8 pounds last month. It brings my total weight loss to 20 pounds in four months. When I started out in Jan, I wanted to lose 26 pounds in three months. That did not happen and I am not so happy about it. I want to step it up this month and lose a minimum of 5 pounds by the end of this month. I will go back to posting my weekly workouts. It definitely helps me stay on track. I am also planning to prep my meals for the entire week on Sunday’s. That way I can ensure there is no emotional eating involved.

Mission 10 Miler

I ran the Mission 10 Miler this Sunday, March 30th. I ran a few races this year but, they were all 5k. This was my first big race in 3 years. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for it. Though I workout every day I have not been running much. I signed up for this race in early January with the hope that the weather would get much better by March and I will have atleast a few weeks to train for the race. That did not happen. It’s still very cold here and today we are getting freezing rain. I was hoping that they would move the race to another weekend but, that did not happen. I had big goals set for this race and that was making me all the more nervous. When I ran the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler three years ago I finished it in 2:18:09 minutes. My goal for this race was to finish it in less than 2 hours. I mentioned this to my trainer Jeremy and he was kind enough to run this race with me only to be my pacer.

iphone photos14 049_1

The race started in waves. We decided to run at 11:50 pace. I was comfortable running at this pace. The first 3 miles went by very fast and around mile 4 the wind picked up and the icy rain was getting worse. By this time my hands and feet were completely frozen. I was slowing down but, Jeremy kept pushing me and that helped a lot. I picked up my speed and completed 5 miles in 56:58 minutes. At this point we had to turn around and head back to the finish line. This made it a little easy as I knew how the rest of the course would be and I was mentally prepared. I kept running at my targeted pace till mile 8 and that is when I was really struggling. My hands were completely frozen and I felt like I did not have it in me to go any further. I wanted to stop and walk a little. Jeremy did not let me walk, he kept pushing me and kept reminding me how we had to finish in less than 2 hours. There were two hills at mile 8 and 9 and I had to really slow down and I could not run at the same pace. Once I crossed the hills it was a flat course to the finish line. I finished in 1:56:06 minutes. I finished in less than 2 hours. I couldn’t believe it. I was so happy. My husband Been was waiting for me at the finish line. He was so happy for me. He thought I would struggle in harsh weather. I did struggle a little but, with Jeremy’s help I got past my mental block and finished strong. We got back home. I stretched a little and showered. Later Been and I went out for dinner.

iphone photos14 054_1

Workouts – Week 12

03/24/14 Monday – I did Battle Fit this morning. This week is going to be another busy week for me, so I don’t think I can workout much. I will try my best to get in atleast one workout per day. Also, on Sunday this week I have a 10miler so I don’t want to go crazy with my workouts.

03/25/14 Tuesday – I did Battle Fit this morning. It was all core workouts today. Later in the evening I did an hour of full body workout at home.

03/26/14 Wednesday – I did Battle Fit this morning. I could not get in another workout today.

03/27/14 Thursday – I did Battle Fit this morning. Later in the evening I did a 30 minute Insanity class.

03/28/14 Friday – I did Battle Fit this morning and it was full body workout today. Later in the evening I did a 30 minute Insanity class.

03/29/14 Saturday – I did a 30 minute Insanity class this morning. I wanted to go for a run but it was raining and I did not want to run in the rain. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow too and it’s freaking me out. I don’t know how I will do it.

03/30/14 Sunday – I did the 10 miler today. The weather was brutal. We were getting freezing rain, sleet and gusty winds. All that could go wrong was going wrong but, that did not stop me from finishing my fastest 10 Miler ever. I am going to tell you all about my race in another detailed post. I lost 1.6 pounds this week. It’s not bad but, I was expecting to lose a little more. I am losing less than 2 pounds a week and that is frustrating me. I have to do something different I am not sure what. I plan on changing my meals up a little bit next week and see if that helps.